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Quotes of the week

“Life has to get good sooner or later, might as well be now.”

“Life is not worth living if you’re not laughing.” 🙂


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Heart Connections

The HeartMath Institute is an organization I have been affiliated with for many years.

I’m a certified professional coach and I believe that their research and material can be absolutely life changing.

For example, watch the short 7min video (link below) to see how you can improve your health, reduce your stress and create productive and loving relationships with others.

Heartmath’s Video about heart connections


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If you would like to have more success in your life, then remember a time when you felt successful (do it now…) success-stories

Truly feel the emotions around it, the sensations in your body, and even the images that come to mind.

Allow time for your system to acknowledge: “this is what being successful feels like!“.

Then… celebrate every little moment of success during your day.  From waking up alive, to completing small tasks, to any little thing that gives you the chance to feel that feeling of success. Then watch success come more easily and frequently into your life!

Apply to any emotion or desired feeling, e.g., love, joy, health, peace,…  

Watch your life be transformed from day to day!